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For safety reasons, modern automakers also install many safety features including anti-lock braking system, cruise control, rear view cameras, satellite navigation, traction control, and airbags.

Without all those features, you can still drive a car, but it is a traffic law violation if you drive without wearing a seat belt. It is probably the minimum safety requirement to avoid fatal injury if your car collides with something.

Best Car Seat Belt Covers

Best Seat Belt Covers
Best Seat Belt Covers

These seat belt covers interfere with the proven safety positioning of the webbing and harness, rendering them ineffective when it counts most. It’s also good to note that other auto products intended for children can present hazards, and any loose item in a car has the potential to be dangerous in an accident.

Car & Truck Seat Belt Shoulder Pads for sale

There are different types of seat belts depending on the models and safety features. Current models in production cars include lap, sash, and 3-point harness. Racing cars usually have a 5 and 6 point harness. Each of them is described below Car & Truck Seat Belt Shoulder Pads for sale:-.

Lap belts

A lap belt is the oldest model in production cars. The design is very simple with only a tight strap around your waist. This is rare in modern vehicles, but you can probably still see one in a 5- or 7-passenger SUV. In such vehicles, the lap belt is sometimes used for the passenger who sits in the middle of a row. This is not the safest type as the belt only covers the passenger’s waist area.

Girdle belts

This belt only has one strap that crosses the chest diagonally on a passenger. This adjustable strap fastens in the center of the vehicle closest to the hip. In the past, a band belt was sold separately to upgrade a lap seat belt. Today it is not considered safe as the occupant of the vehicle can easily detach from the belt.

Three-point harness

It is a combination of lap belt and sash belt. A single strap across the waist and chest to the center of the vehicle closest to the hip. It is fastened with a buckle. There are three belt points connected to the chassis of the vehicle, which is why it is called a three point harness. This is the standard seat belt fitted to most modern cars since the 1960s.

Five point harness

The five-point harness seat belt uses one strap for each shoulder, one lap / waist belt, and one between the legs. Each is connected to the center, usually under the chest area. In addition to common use in racing cars, the five-point harness is also used for children. This type of car seat belt is safe but restrictive; it also takes time to use it correctly.

Six point harness

It is similar to the five-point harness except for the additional strap between the legs.

Security advice

As mentioned above, car manufacturers install numerous safety features in modern vehicles, but the seat belt will always be outdated safety equipment. The main idea is that it prevents your body from hitting the dash or steering wheel in the event of an accident. When used well, this equipment should not distract your concentration while driving. Here are some safety tips.


Always use the seat correctly according to the instructions of the car manufacturers or the manual. When using a three-point harness seat belt, make sure the chest strap fits comfortably across the chest. Ideally, it goes from the midpoint of the shoulder through the midpoint of the chest to the waist area. The lap belt is only slightly above the legs.

In a crash, the seat belt will help diffuse energy or momentum to regain the force of forward motion in your body. This prevents it from hitting the dash or steering wheel. It should not be too tight to restrict movement or breathing.


Some people may think that the airbags are enough to keep you from hitting the dash. It probably is, but the seat belt is still an important part, keeping you exactly in the airbag impact area. When the airbag deploys, it will be useless if you are not in front of it. In fact, the airbag can be dangerous and can cause serious injury when it is in the wrong position.

In addition, the seat belt is always close to the body while driving, which means that you can check for defects or improper use. You know when it is properly equipped. However, an airbag is not visible; a malfunction can occur at any time preventing it from working properly.

Children Car Seat Belts

When taking your children on a trip, help them wear their seat belts correctly. You should not expect a young child to be able to use the belt properly without the help of older children or their parents. Also, you should not allow small children to sit in the front seat of the car.

If the policy catches you with your children in the front seat of your car, in the best case scenario they charge you a fine and automatically your insurance premium will go up, the worst case scenario would be to be involved in an accident with your children in the wrong place.

The best seat belt for a child is the five-point harness, as it covers more areas than other common types. This seat belt is quite difficult to use, especially for a child.

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