Mini Cooper Accessories

Mini Cooper Accessories

The Mini Cooper’s natural attraction for enthusiasts lies in its open European design. In this article I’m going to discuss that there are tons of improvements in the aftermarket that add extra performance.

Mini Cooper Accessories
Mini Cooper Accessories

So firstly, To improve the acceleration of your Mini Cooper. The installation of a high-quality turbo kit covers your power requirements in a small package.

Mini Cooper Interior Accessories

Secondly short Shifters are an accessory that will improve the shifting ability of your vehicle. Make your shifting operations smoother, and dramatically affect the ability to accelerate.

Without spending a lot of money or time. The Mini Cooper owner can add 35 hp immediately. All it takes is roughly $ 200 in parts and a few hours of your time.

Most importantly you can add an additional 10 to 12 HP. Install a Free Flow Racing Filter Kit on the Dyna Flow of your Mini Cooper. An easy installation for home improvement.

Mini Copper Aftermarket Accessories

Expect this upgrade to only take about 30 minutes. Most importantly, this simple accessory for increasing the performance of the intake system reduces the airflow limitation in the charger and results in more efficient air compression in the engine. The end result: a noticeable step behind the gas pedal.

Moreover adjust the pulley ratio on the compressor by installing a smaller pulley to increase the speed of the compressor.

Mini Copper Exterior Accessories

Make sure you modify your exhaust system to accommodate the increase in back pressure and engine heat. However, Supersprint is known as a leader in aftermarket exhaust systems for road traffic. Therefor they produce the deep, throaty sound that street rod enthusiasts love.

Above all if you install a high-performance camshaft that increases power and torque over the entire speed range without the engine dismantled.

Mini Copper Accessories and Parts

For an additional 20 to 30 H.P. Where you ride the most, in addition consider swapping out the cylinder head for high performance level 1/ 2 cylinder heads.

Similarly the increase in airflow is a maximum of 20% and the interrelationships. between inlet and outlet are optimized for maximum performance, and improved combustion.

Accessories for Mini Cooper for sale

Moreover Installing a precision steering amplifier is a must. For improve your performance of mini copper.

Similarly a pressure-sensitive adhesive improves the suspension by reducing the characteristic movement. Because this leads to better handling and better feedback to the driver.

Accessories for Mini Cooper
Accessories for Mini Cooper

To improve cornering on uneven road surfaces. You can install a carbon fiber strut. Because that increases the rigidity of the front chassis and increases the steering response.

Moreover to improve in handling and safety performance. Use carbon fiber brace to your mini copper.

What year Mini Cooper should be avoided?

2005 – 2006 is the sweet spot. Most of the early problems was resolve. In the end you have a more reliable ride and drive with 6 gears (S, R53) or 5 gears (Basis, R50). Avoid these heavily modified can easily be dangerous.

Do Mini Coopers have a lot of problems?

The Mini Cooper has long struggled with transmission problems. This has created problems for many Mini owners and qualified mechanics strongly advise changing the transmission fluid on a regular basis. The Mini Cooper was designed to be a joy to drive and a joy to use.

Is a Mini Cooper worth buying?

Yes, the Mini Cooper is a good compact car. There are three body styles – the two- and four-door mini hardtop and the mini convertible. and it’s fun to drive thanks to its powerful engines and nimble handling. The cabin is beautiful and stylish and the technical functions are easy to use.

What is the best year of Mini Cooper to buy?

From 2015 CR has given the Mini above-average reliability ratings. Based on the most recent studies by CR, we recommend the 2015-2019 model years of the Mini as the best used models.

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