Is Digit Car Insurance a Good Company?

Is Digit car insurance a good company?

Digit Car Insurance offers auto insurance plans for all types of car owners that are easy to purchase online. And it offers a quick claims settlement service as the company allows vehicles to be self-inspected using a smartphone.

Moreover, you can also get a car pick-up and repair service at your doorstep if the vehicle needs to be repaired in a network garage. If you want to make claims effortlessly and around the clock, you can opt for car insurance from Digit.

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1Customer Service4 Star
2Policy Benefits4 Star
3Policy Coverage4 Star
4Premium4 Star
Digit Car Insurance Review
Is Digit Car Insurance a Good Company?
Is Digit Car Insurance a Good Company?

Digit Car Insurance Reviews

Digit Insurance is one of the newest insurers in India, offering affordable annual premiums and one of the best online buying processes. Moreover, their add-on and discount options are limited, but they have strong claims adjustment rates and multiple insurance options.

Digit Insurance or Go Digit offers two different levels of car insurance: liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The third party plan only covers damage and injury to third parties and property, while the comprehensive policy provides the same third party coverage in addition to protecting your vehicle and you as the owner or driver.

Genuine Digit Car Insurance User Reviews

However, the company offers affordable annual premiums for almost all makes and models of cars that are up to 20% below the market average, and consumers can purchase a new policy online in minutes using Digit’s incredibly smooth listing tool.

Firstly, they only have a short list of the additional features available, only offer a discount, and have a small network of cashless repair shops. However, their claims settlement rates are among the best of all the insurers we examined.

Moreover, the company’s comprehensive policy provides personal accident insurance as a compulsory supplement for the owner or driver of the insured car and coverage against damage from natural and man-made disasters up to Rs. 15 lakhs and damage to third party property.

Honest User Review Of Digit Car Insurance

Digit offers just 11 additional features to further improve the extent of your comprehensive coverage, three fewer than the market average in India. While their add-on list is one of the shortest in our study, Digit offers some unique coverage features that consumers find extremely useful.

For example, if you break your wing mirror while parking your car, you can use the Small Repair Claims add-on to submit a request for repair. Less than half of the insurers we analyzed offer this coverage.

Is Go digit car insurance good?

Lastly, it is a great pleasure for me to share my recent experiences with Digit. and now I can say that it is the best insurance provider out there for claims settlement and customer care.

How do I claim go digit insurance?

For claims, just call on 1800-258-5956.